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We are aware of three movies which were filmed near TN52.  They are The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James, the original I Walk The Line, and our personal favorite October Sky.  Also, the movie Broken Bridges was inspired by Red Boiling Springs.  If anyone knows about any other movies, please e-mail Charlie.


Broken Bridges Filming Location

C9 Macon County

This movie was not actually filmed in Red Boiling Springs.  (It was filmed in Atlanta.)  However, the idea for the movie came to screenwriters Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld on the front porch of Armour's Hotel in Red Boiling Springs.  They initially named their script Angel From Montgomery, changing the name of the town from Red Boiling Springs to Montgomery.   Later, the name of the movie was changed to Broken Bridges, and the movie takes place in the fictional town of Armour Springs!   You may read Cherie and Jeff's story of that evening in Red Boiling Springs here:



The Last days of Frank and Jesse James Filming Location

C7 Robertson County

Orlinda, Tennessee
Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and June Carter Cash starred in this 1986 made-for-TV movie.  The town scenes in the movie were filmed in downtown Orlinda.  Truckloads of dirt were brought in and spread out over the paved street to make it look like an old west dirt street.  Other country scenes were filmed in Robertson County.  See the Internet Movie Database for more information on the movie:  Interestingly, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash lived near Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville, which is right next door in Sumner County.  Of course, both have since died.



I Walk the Line Filming Location

C11 Overton County (Things to See in Jackson County)
C13 Fentress County

The 1970 movie I Walk the Line, starring Gregory Peck, Tuesday Weld, Estelle Parsons, and Charles Durning was filmed in Overton, Fentress and, Jackson Counties.  Most of the scenes were filmed in rural areas that are not easy to find.  One major exception is the courthouse square in downtown Gainesboro.  The courthouse and the surrounding streets were prominently featured in the movie.  This is where Sheriff Henry Tawes (Gregory Peck) and Deputy Wylie Hunnicutt (Charles Durning) had their office.  Of course, the movie was also noted for the original music by Johnny Cash.  One of our readers on, James Elmore, sent us this note, "the conclusion of the movie I walk the Line was filmed in Davidson, Tennessee, in Fentress County.  Notice the old Davidson store site in the movie."  Read more about the movie on the Internet Movie Database:



C14 Morgan County

October Sky
Filming Locations


Downtown Oliver Springs.  This building was the Big Store in the movie!

Downtown Petros.  This was Homer's house in the movie!
Many of you have seen the 1998 Universal Pictures movie October Sky.  Of course, the movie was based on the true story of Homer Hickam and the Rocket Boys of Coalwood.  As you also know, Coalwood was a small mining town in southern West Virginia.  When it came time to film the movie, the real town of Coalwood was too remote and did not have the facilities (hotels, restaurants, etc.) needed to handle the cast and crew.  This perfect filming location, however, was found in East Tennessee! There are still active coal mines in Morgan County and neighboring counties, and the terrain of the area is very similar to the coal-mining area around the real Coalwood.  The majority of the film was actually shot in Morgan County in and around Petros and Wartburg, and in Oliver Springs where Morgan County, Anderson County and Roane Counties meet.  Additional scenes were shot in Harriman and in downtown Knoxville.

Charlie and Leonard (who are the webmasters for also have another web site dedicated to Coalwood.  On the Coalwood web site, Charlie and Leonard are in the process of documenting all of the October Sky filming locations.  You may view this web site here: